The methodology used

Hertel Judit Hertel Judit

My approach and attitude are influenced by analytical theories.

I usually apply the techniques of katathym imaginative psychotherapy during my work.
It means that in a certain part of the therapeutic session, we create an altered state of consciousness by using relaxation techniques.
We try to locate the unconscious roots of the patient's problems through this altered state of consciousness. Mental images give us a better understanding of the problems.
In an altered state of consciousness, memory and intuition are more delicate, while emotions, visualised as images, are easier for both of us to understand, and emotional processing can also take place.
No previous experience or special skills are required on behalf of the patient for the application of the KIP technique.

I really enjoy working with this method, and it gives me great pleasure to see patients getting a feel for the technique and becoming more and more able to use it for solving their problems.