About me

Hertel Judit Hertel Judit

I was born in 1972.
In 1995, I graduated as a special needs teacher.
In 2001, I graduated as a psychologist in Debrecen.
In 2003, I studied KIP (katathym imaginative psychotherapy) and NLP techniques at the Integrative Psychotherapy Association.
I have personal experience in psychodrama and individual hypnotherapy.
In 2006, I graduated as a clinical psychologist in Pécs.
My son, Soma, was born in 2006, and my daughter, Juli, was born in 2013.
I worked as a family caregiver, a kindergarten psychologist, and as a school psychologist.
Since the birth of my children, I have been quite interested in finding solutions for the problems of parenting, which is challenging me day by day, as well.

My supervisor: Emese Kőtörő